The Ransacking of Vernau’s Office | A D&D Live Action Re-Enactment


We’re excited to present the second of several vignettes from season 1 of Ready To Roll. The collective efforts of our exceptionally talented staff brought the homebrew world of Altero to life and we can’t wait to share it with you.

This Video:

Zup’s cover has been blown and suspicion has bled over to the very man that hired the party, Haarl Vernau. Now the team has split up to continue their investigation. Ahloni, Senno, and Arrin are escorted by the guard, Hans, to Vernau’s office in the council palace to search for any further evidence regarding the noble or his chief archivist Zup.

The Series:

Blending authentic improvised tabletop gameplay with High caliber Fantasy filmmaking, “The Ransacking of Vernau’s Office” is an excerpt from episode 13 of Ready To Roll showcasing the full vision for the series.

View the full episode of gameplay:


Roz Young as our illustrious, amazing, world-building Dungeon Master.

Alain Williams as El’Undar the Silent – Wood elf monk from Telgha’s dense forest, The Lightless Vale. The monks there practice the Way of the Shadow, and El’Undar searches for the missing spear of their greatest warrior.

Bev Rapley as Arrin Sareth – Half-elf paladin, born in Lhantir and raised to become a warrior for Edan’Alastra, the Goddess of Justice. Her temple worshipped balance, but a great betrayal left Arrin alone, at the bottom of a bottle, searching for redemption.

Chris Livingston as Ahloni – Half-orc ranger of the hunter archetype, he left behind a life on the run, from piracy and his past. His favoured enemy is humanoids and he’s most at home in the forest with his bow.

Matt Baker as Senno Vestuu-Essan – Human warlock, a published scholar and far travelled archeologist, Senno lost his chance at a normal life when he discovered an ancient medallion. Filled with mysterious abilities from the elder god, Senno left the world of nobles to understand this power, and why he was chosen.

Shay Lea as Sanguina – Half vampire, human rogue, a charlatan from Quilim whose blood lust and curiosity create chaos wherever she goes. She collects stories, and the ears that heard them.

Trevor Gemma as Rurik Krynn – Hill dwarf cleric, a blacksmith with powers from the Goddess of War, Torvaralla. Raised by an elf and fascinated with the fey, he searches for where he comes from and where he belongs.

Made By:

Altero Created by: Roz Young & Matt Baker
Ready To Roll Created By: Trevor Gemma
Director Re-enactments: Trevor Gemma
Tech Directors: Marshall Axani, N.A. Razzak, Nadav Santo
Producer: Trevor Gemma
Director of Photography Re-enactments: Nicholas Kedrock
Director of Photography: Naim Sutherland
Production Designer: Jeremy Andruschak
VFX Supervisor: Trevor Adams
Editor: Matt Baker
Music by: Scott Davidson
Executive Producers: Chris Livingston & Holly Brydson

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