What is Ready to Roll? Glad You Asked!

Ready To Roll is a fast paced, high energy tabletop roleplaying adventure set in the homebrew, high-fantasy world of “Altero.” The unscripted Dungeons & Dragons 5e gameplay takes place throughout 27 episodes – PLUS the incredible Live Action Re-enactments of parts of the gameplay where it is  brought to life in amazing detail as it played out. 

The entire 1st season is available on YouTube, so binge watch away!

Watch Ready to Roll + The Live Action Re-Enactments

Video List
Ready To Roll | Ep 01 | A Climb, A Quest, A Quarrel | D&D
Ready To Roll | Ep 02 | Backflips, Party Splits & Burned Bits | D&D
Ready To Roll | Ep 03 | Guards, Street Rats, & Nobles
Ready To Roll | Ep 04 | Bargaining, Blunders & Bribes
Ready To Roll | Ep 05 | A Dungeon, A Dwarf & The Dusk
A Meeting With Hammerlain | A D&D Live Action Re-enactment
Ready To Roll | Ep 06 | Bodies, Banshees, & Bloodshed
Ready To Roll | Ep 07 | Revelations, Ragamuffins & Revelry
Ready To Roll | Ep 08 | Salutations, Libations, & Flirtations
Ready To Roll | Ep 09 | Drunk Monks, Smooth Moves, & The Journal Infernal
Ready To Roll | Ep 10 | Hot Pursuit, Cold Fish, & Warm Embraces
Ready To Roll | Ep 11 | Hangovers, Huffs & Holy Confusion
Ready To Roll | Ep 12 | Haunting, Healing & Herbology
Ready To Roll | Ep 13 | Whimsey, Warbling & Whiskey
The Ransacking of Vernau’s Office | A D&D Live Action Re-Enactment
Ready To Roll | Ep 14 | Distraction, Discovery & Daredevilry
Ready To Roll | Ep 15 | Jade Mines, Djinni's, & Japes
Ready To Roll | Ep 16 | Problems, Peril, & Poison
Ready To Roll | Ep 17 | Strategizing, Squabbling, & Skipping
Ready To Roll | Ep 18 | Druids, Demons, & Depravity
Ready To Roll | Ep 19 | Ears, Enigmas, & Execution
Ready To Roll | Ep 20 | Mobs, Mysteries, & Magical Messages
Ready To Roll | Ep 21 | Barrels, Blazing, & Bluffs
Ready To Roll | Ep 22 | Tieflings, Twists, & True Intentions
Ready To Roll | Ep 23 | Burning, Betrayal, & BBEG
Ready To Roll | Ep 24 | Carpets, Crucibles, & Conundrums
Ready To Roll | Ep 25 | Darkness, Denial, & Doubt
Ready To Roll | Ep 26 | Chaos, Conflict, & Consequences
Ready To Roll | Ep 27 | Friends, Foes, & Finales

Meet the Heroes of Ready to Roll

A half-orc, a wood-elf, a half-vampire, a hill dwarf, and couple of humans walk into a tavern…

They are READY to ROLL!

Allain Williams

El 'Undar The - Silent Elf Monk

Alain Williams is a comedy writer from Victoria, BC. His influences are stand up comedy, fantasy and science fiction genres, hip hop old and new, and all things classic kung fu. He stutters proudly and he will probably laugh too hard at the things you say. If you ask him to play D&D, he will say yes, as long as he can play a monk.

El’Undar the Silent – Wood elf monk from Telgha’s dense forest, The Lightless Vale. The monks there practice the Way of the Shadow, and El’Undar searches for the missing spear of their greatest warrior.

Chris Livingston

Ahloni - Half Orc Ranger

Chris Livingston is a former theater kid originally from Ottawa, Ontario. After a short stint soldering circuit boards for the family business and doing his best not to electrocute himself, he went on to study film making at Vancouver Film school, before embarking on a long and varied career in the film industry. Starting at the bottom and working his way up, he’s done everything from being a camera operator to being a creative consultant for major Hollywood studios. Chris is also a serial entrepreneur, with A Filthy Lot being the latest in a long line of ventures ranging from restaurants, to robotic farms. In his (very limited) free time he enjoys working on his Jeep, off-roading, building PCs and playing video games.
Ahloni – Half-orc ranger of the hunter archetype, he left behind a life on the run, from piracy and his past. His favoured enemy is humanoids and he’s most at home in the forest with his bow.

Bev Rapley

Arrin Sareth - Half-Elf Paladin

Born and raised in the West Coast Wilderness, Bev is an all-around outdoor lady/ creature who is more at home in the forest than anywhere.  Somewhere between gaming, travelling, cycling, yoga, brewing (and drinking) beer, riding horses and motorcycles, Bev found herself working at AFL living out all her wildest sci-fi / fantasy dreams of becoming a professional nerd. She loves working in a creative environment surrounded by good people, and is always ready with a cringe-worthy pun or Dad joke. Her insatiable thirst for adventure, trying new things, exploring and finding new places has landed her the position of vlogger at AFL. She loves animals and nature, and as a former archaeologist, she has a deep appreciation for history and the occult. She drives like an asshole but has a good heart. There is a little wiggle room in there for food, friends, family and comedy.

Arrin Sareth – Half-elf paladin, born in Lhantir and raised to become a warrior for Edan’Alastra, the Goddess of Justice. Her temple worshipped balance, but a great betrayal left Arrin alone, at the bottom of a bottle, searching for redemption.

Trevor Gemma

Rurik Krynn - Dwarf Cleric of War

His bio here would be way cooler with some awesome information, like woah, that’s a sweet tattoo like freakin Stormshadow eh? I’d guess Trevor is a big gamer, and spends his time pwning newbs or some such thing, I don’t really know since he is apparently an international man of mystery with just his IMDB link in his bio which says; Trevor Gemma is a producer and actor, known for Star Trek Beyond (2016), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) and Tully (2018).

Rurik Krynn – Hill dwarf cleric, a blacksmith with powers from the Goddess of War, Torvaralla. Raised by an elf and fascinated with the fey, he searches for where he comes from and where he belongs.

Shay Lhea

Sanguina - Half-Vampire Rogue

Shay Lhea is an accidental actor and covert writer with staggeringly minimal experience in the former and suspect experience in the latter. She has a penchant for consuming wild game, gravitates toward all things jungle-themed and enjoys wading through the most feculant depths of mankind’s psyche, furthermore, She is a natural born and unapologetic misanthrope.

Sanguina – Half vampire, human rogue, a charlatan from Quilim whose blood lust and curiosity create chaos wherever she goes. She collects stories, and the ears that heard them.

Matt Baker

Senno Vestuu-Essan - Human Warlock

As a child in a family that was frequently on the move, Matt developed an unending curiosity and passion for learning and travel. So, of course, he grew up and went to grad school for subglacial microbiology. But after 10 years living the life of science, Matt realized his true calling is storytelling and headed west to Vancouver to learn a whole new filmmaking profession. His favourite stories are comedy, science fiction, and fantasy. He is also a sucker for dramatic landscapes.

Senno Vestuu-Essan – Human warlock, a published scholar and far travelled archeologist, Senno lost his chance at a normal life when he discovered an ancient medallion. Filled with mysterious abilities from the elder god, Senno left the world of nobles to understand this power, and why he was chosen.

Roz Young

The Dungeon Master!

A scientist turned filmmaker and Dungeon Master, Roz writes and works in Post Production with her AFL family. She loves genre projects, like fantasy, science fiction, and comedy. She has produced several short films and was Post Production Supervisor on a feature for Netflix and episodic series for Disney. Roz has published scientific papers in microbiology and biotechnology, plays the French Horn, and was a research assistant studying video games for rehabilitation. She is passionate about collaborative world building and brunch.