Minis & Terrain

Miniatures & Terrain

When you’re in the business of filming role playing game campaigns, you need a lot of minis and all sorts of terrain. Because of that, we do a lot of D&D miniatures painting and terrain building. We are lucky enough to have a lot of people in the company that love to paint minis and build terrain. We get a lot of requests for “better looks” at some of the minis we’ve used in our videos, so we will be showing off some of our work here but there’s way more on our QuestlineMinis insta! So hit it up and follow!

But wait, there’s more! We also do a live twitch stream where we paint minis and talk DnD, we call PinchPoint. There’s no set schedule for that stream (but there could be if enough people request it, so let us know!).
So make sure to sub our Twitch channel to keep up with the streams!