Dungeons & Dragons 101

Something we hear a lot is “I’ve always wanted to play D&D but don’t know how to play the game.” So we’re doing our part with our D&D 101 features. A fun way to help people along in an entertaining way. You’ll hardly know you’re learning. Coming soon we’ll be releasing a series of D&D 101 shorts, so keep your eyes peeled for more!

Monster Talks

Monster Talks is our cutely animated series which gives a quick look at and lesson on some iconic Dungeons and Dragons creatures. Wondering about the Mind Flayer’s diet? Which type of dragon is the best hunter? You’ll find out the answer to these burning questions and more in our Monster Talks video series.

Video List
Marvelous Monstrous Mimics | D&D Monster Talks
Finding Floating Flumphs | D&D Monster Talks
Hootin’ Tootin’ Owlbears | D&D Monster Talks
Oopy Goopy Oozes | D&D Monster Talks
Burrowing Bulettes | D&D Monster Talks
Gnashing Gnolls | D&D Monster Talks
Insidious Illithids | D&D Monster Talks
Cantankerous Chromatic Dragons: D&D Monster Talks
Abominable Beholders: D&D Monster Talks