Ready To Roll | Ep 27 | Friends, Foes, & Finales

Everything has lead to this point. What started as a simple assignment to track down an escaped prisoner has evolved into a divine quest to prevent the Erinyes Devil Estravelle from taking form and gaining power in Altero. Now she has possessed the Warlock Senno, forcing El’Undar, Sanguina, Arrin, Ahloni, and Rurik to confront their […]

Ready To Roll | Ep 26 | Chaos, Conflict, & Consequences

Previously on RTR, Our heroes faced individual magical trials within the depths beneath the Lekk Ruins. After facing their reflections, they gained access to the rest of the underground facility known as The Grove. Now we rejoin them as they finish their pursuit of the Erinyes Devil Estravelle, who has taken up residence inside the […]

Ready To Roll | Ep 25 | Darkness, Denial, & Doubt

Previously on RTR, Our heroes arrived by magic carpet back at the magical ruins of the Lekk empire. Using they key they found in the Green Mother’s cell they discovered the secret entrance to the caverns beneath the ruins. They entered a room with six distinct doors, each calling to a specific member of the […]

Ready To Roll | Ep 24 | Carpets, Crucibles, & Conundrums

Previously on RTR, the Erinyes Devil Estravelle revealed herself, taking bodily possession of the Tiefling Aurora. Elurinn is on Fire, and Hammerlain returned to aide her city. Before she teleported away, she gave two magic carpets to our heroes. Now they fly through the skies over the Kymond countryside, heading back to the Lekk Ruins […]