The Ransacking of Vernau’s Office | A D&D Live Action Re-Enactment

We’re excited to present the second of several vignettes from season 1 of Ready To Roll. The collective efforts of our exceptionally talented staff brought the homebrew world of Altero to life and we can’t wait to share it with you. This Video: Zup’s cover has been blown and suspicion has bled over to the […]

A Meeting With Hammerlain | A D&D Live Action Re-enactment

Our party of heroes was hired to track down the escaped elf druid known as the Green Mother. Before they were able to make any real headway with their investigation, they must answer the summons to the office of the legendary hero and chair of the city of Elurinn, Garjaata Hammerlain. Will the powerful wizard […]

Ready To Roll | Ep 27 | Friends, Foes, & Finales

Everything has lead to this point. What started as a simple assignment to track down an escaped prisoner has evolved into a divine quest to prevent the Erinyes Devil Estravelle from taking form and gaining power in Altero. Now she has possessed the Warlock Senno, forcing El’Undar, Sanguina, Arrin, Ahloni, and Rurik to confront their […]

Ready To Roll | Ep 26 | Chaos, Conflict, & Consequences

Previously on RTR, Our heroes faced individual magical trials within the depths beneath the Lekk Ruins. After facing their reflections, they gained access to the rest of the underground facility known as The Grove. Now we rejoin them as they finish their pursuit of the Erinyes Devil Estravelle, who has taken up residence inside the […]