About Us

just a bunch of nerds rolling dice

We believe there’s something special that happens when we sit down at the table together for a game. We’re a bunch of nerds who also happen to be a team of creative artists and filmmakers and we LOVE gaming. We believe in being different- so we used our film experience bring our imagination to life and explore ways to contribute to the TTRPG community. Crafting unique and engaging experiences for players and viewers alike in order to bring an extra level of immersion and excellence to what we make.

We aim to contribute to the TTRPG Community by building an online space to find and interact with people who love gaming as much as we do. Our goal is to provide consistent, epic cinematic productions with high quality gameplay, and TTRPG related discussions and ideas. We’re delighted to come together to push forward new and ambitious ideas. We gathered our expertise and resourcefulness to create a D&D live action series, Ready to Roll, and thought, why stop there?  

The whole point of Questline is to bring people together to escape into our creative worlds. Each of us brings something unique to the table that contributes to something greater. And that is what we’d like to share with everyone else.

We’ve created a cinematic DnD experience that delves into the homebrew world of Altero, an anthology of One Shots/Mini Campaigns, and games inspired by TTRPGs.
All of it available on both Twitch and YouTube. 

We directed our knowledge, efforts, and passions to share with viewers our own experiences, and invite them to see what we can do, and to join in on the fun!